Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fall Weekend in the Whiteshell Part 4

Our last day and another cold morning. As we made it to the lake, the water was still as glass and the mist was rolling across. The chill in the breeze worked better than coffee to wake you up. The previous morning the bite slowed once the sun passed over the tree tops so we felt our optimal time was limited. The surroundings were so breathe taking it was difficult to pay attention to our bobbers, with each moment passing it seemed a new view was provided.

A few small trout were caught right off the hop followed by some misses as we watched a grebe hunting in the bay. As the surface feeding seemed to die down I changed over to a spoon and it wasn't long before a nice 18 inch brook trout hammered it. I was ready for the fight and savored every moment, knowing I may not be back any time soon. With time ticking on and the sun passing the trees, we went back to the cabin to pack up. Cabin cleaned up and car loaded we were off to try a different lake for a while.  The drive there was a reminder of how fast things can change, in the short time we were there the leaves had changed colour just slightly.

As soon as we approached the waters edge we could see and hear the bald eagles across the lake, there were three of them each in the tallest tree tops. Two of them seemed to be jutting for position swooping at each other, winnieing and screeching as they fought. Again it was difficult to focus on the bobber with an abundance of beauty around us. We could have spent the day there had it not been for life's responsibilities, we needed to get home before dark and make a stop in the city as well.  One last stop where my wife lost the big one at our most productive lake for a few more brooks and rainbows and sadly it was time to go.

One of the bonuses about the lay of the land in the Whiteshell is with some of the smaller lakes, one might be windy and another may not be depending on wind direction and lake positioning. Not owning a boat or canoe,  I am usually willing to try and travel to multiple spots near by in the same day if action at our first choice is not ideal. The sights, the smells and the lack of people and bugs in fall was a treat, we plan on trying to go back at least once every season and possibly with a canoe or kayak.


  1. Just found your blog and will be adding you onto my blog list at
    You fish cold weather but I always enjoy reading fishing blogs and the cold reminds me of why I live in Fiji.
    Tight Lines

    1. Thanks for adding me, there are some awesome photos on your blog!!