Sunday, 6 July 2014

Personal Best Bluegill

A week of wicked rain and surprisingly successful fishing had come and gone and a state of emergency had been called in the province due to the rains and flooding. However it looked like the clouds were on there way else where and the sun was finally going to shine. A trip to one of the few lakes in our province that has bluegills had been in the making for a while, and the day had finally come. We arrived at our location, launched the boat and got right to fishing some nearby docks to see if we could pull any fish out from under or beside them.

On proper tackle, the bluegills fight is truly a blast, when hooked their death spirals and feisty head shakes give you a run for your money as well as the constant change in direction and running to thick cover. Targeting them and successfully landing them is more challenging than you would think. The overall numbers on the day weren't the greatest, but none landed were under eight inches and a few other species were caught as well (northern pike, bullhead and perch).

Every spot we tried we were able to hook into a few fish some of the highlights being;

                                                         a very plump nine incher
                                                      my personal best at 10.5 inches
                                                         a very colorful 10 incher
                                       a small flurry of dinky perch was something different