Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Day of Big Fish

Our day out for big fish could not have gone better. We showed a friend what it was like to battle with carp on the end of a line. Subtle takes, long runs for cover and pure strength. He found out as many others who fish for carp, that they are one of the hardest fighting fish in our province. After a slow start to the day he had his first carp to shore and he quickly found out what he was up against. A few reputable carp in and I had a new personal best at 33.75 inches. (pictured below) The fight was excellent and the smile on my face said it all.
Little did I know that a mere 90 minutes later I would beat my best carp again but this one at 35 inches. It took almost 15 minutes to land and the first glimpse of it I got, I knew it would be a new best if I could get it to shore. I could only imagine how fat it might have been pre spawn!

As time passed I changed my tactics to focus on the Bigmouth Buffalo we were occasionally seeing near the surface. A few nice specimens were landed with a new personal best pictured directly below and two others that were nice sized beneath it. All heavy and healthy, tough fighting creatures!

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