Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A Personal Best and Some Lampreys

I recently took a friend out to put him on some goldeye and help him get the hang of feeling bites and reeling in fish. We had plans to target some larger species the next day so this was to be the warm up. My first cast landed me a new personal best goldeye at 16.5 inches. It was a good fight and heavier than any other goldeye we would catch this day. Many fish were landed including a surprise walleye around lunch and a catfish that were both retained to eat along with a limit of 10 goldeye that were not releasable for one reason or another. Some of them would just absolutely hammer the worm piece and swallow it instantly. With six solid hours of fishing under our belt along with 6 species landed, we were on our way as the after church crowds began to hit the shore.

Once home and cleaning fish, my friend noticed what he thought were leeches in the gills of the catfish. Upon closer inspection we found them to be a species of lamprey in the juvenile phase. It was a pretty neat find and a few drops of tap water made two of them quite lively. I have caught a white sucker in the past that had a lamprey on its head only to shake off at shore. The scar was a perfect circle even displaying teeth marks. It was quite interesting to be able to have a look at a few in person no matter how small they were.

Our next day of fishing would far surpass anyone's expectations and I will write about it soon.

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