Thursday, 5 November 2015

Red River Eyes (Green)

The weather called for a high of 9 degrees, minimal precipitation and cloudy all day with the wind changing direction a few times but staying under 15kmh. Comfortable enough if you are dressed for it and lucky for us the meteorologist was right. Not ideal conditions but also not horrible. We had lines in the water 30 minutes before sun up and there were surface breaches all around us with many marks on the depth finder. The first few fish landed were Sauger and Goldeye along with two heavy fish lost and the sun hadn't even cracked the horizon.

With tons of options and spots to try we agreed that when and if the bite slowed down we would just move a few hundred feet within the general area and anchor again. Most folks just pick their spot and stay put until they are done for the day but we had baseline expectations and were willing to hunt for a better bite if needed. We had varied success at each spot we tried and it was clear on the fish finder screen that there were fish of all sizes on the move. Often I would call out a mark and at what depth on the screen and no sooner than my sentence being finished would there be a fish on the end of someones line.

We were there for the Greenbacks and were all able to catch our limits of 14 -18 inch eaters as well as releasing many more with 7 over 20 inches but none over 28. We also had a few bonus large Channel Catfish landed, dozens of Goldeye, a handful of Mooneye and copious amounts of Sauger. An exciting action packed 11 hours on the water saw us go through just over 5 tubs of minnows and despite the success it left me wanting more as the Red River sometimes will.

The Walleye made for great eats providing a few good meals to share with friends and family. I prefer to eat fish I catch fresh, only freezing when absolutely necessary.  One was cleaned and kept whole to steam with cooking wine, soy sauce, ginger and green onions and the rest were fileted.  I cooked up the cheeks in butter, salt, pepper and garlic as a tasty chefs treat while frying the majority of the filets in beer batter with friends. We were able to get a good feed of fish tacos and battered collars as well with what was left.