Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Moak Lodge, Cedar Lake ICE 2017 Part 3

Day 3 had a solid morning of pike and burbot action however in the afternoon they seemed to shut down and had things to do and places to go. They were fairly tight lipped if we were lucky enough to have them inspect our lures. Our host had invited us for some moose burgers that evening so we decided against prospecting and called it a day in time to get back to camp by 630. The food was stellar and company top notch, jokes and stories were shared over the rest of the evening. Jay and I decided against heading back out to fish late so we could get up early and scout new grounds in pursuit of whatever would bite.

Day 4 our plan was to scout out new tree lines and rock piles. Our first spot wasn't too eventful with a few burbot and pike along with a single walleye. So after 40 minutes of fishing our group of four split into pairs and hunted out some new grounds. After a move of a few hundred yards and some more prospecting, Jay and I found an active area. Tom and Dave were off in search of big pike and whitefish about a mile away while we found some deep water adjacent to a winding treeline, lots of rubble and some mudflats. After catching a few fish we thought it best to finally try out our new Otter XT Lodge. The bite was on, camera set up and action consistent! We caught upwards of 40-50 burbot and a few pike with a 3 footer being the biggest.

VERY LARGE whitefish were seen cruising the bottom and circling our offerings. I'm talking like 2 foot plus humpbacked sharks! But getting them to bite would present its own challenges. Jay did hook into one on the trip but lost it on the bottom of the ice. They can be elusive on this lake but have been caught hook and line. There are only so many rods you can have handy when ice fishing for multi species, especially when you are repeatedly landing squirming burbot and the occasional pike over 30 inches. More often than not, by the time my whitefish lures were dropped, they were already gone and the burbot or pike returned.

Part 4 of this adventure will surely make its way to this blog in the future, but that's all for now folks ....

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