Sunday, 7 May 2017

Goldfish and a Cane Pole

The cane pole is a marvelous tool for fishing, it's primitive and basic and can shine in many aspects of angling. One morning on our first trip out east a few years back I came across an old cane pole hanging on the wall of a barn and I swore I would rig it up and try for goldfish in the pond. There wasn't time that first trip to do so but that opportunity finally presented itself this trip. With some small hooks and tungsten jigs along with a bit of sewing thread, I was set to try and catch some goldfish with my nephew and niece.

The goldfish in this pond were stocked long before my relatives ever owned the property, there were even a few koi added over 30 years ago as well. They have turned into a self sustaining population with hundreds of juveniles, and plenty of 4-10 inch fish. There are lots of colour morphs and a few even appear to be possible koi/goldfish hybrids. There is a kingfisher and a few muskrats that prey on the goldfish regularly and the kids often play around the pond with a net while supervised, so these goldfish can be weary and definitely recognize the silhouette and shape of humans.

On two separate afternoons I spent a good chunk of time with the kids waiting patiently for the fish to forget we were there while dangling a tiny chunk of garden worm in the water from the cane pole. Keeping a pair of 6 and 4 year old siblings quiet and still is easier said than done and I was very impressed with their ability to do so. A wide array of sizes and colours of goldfish were caught and released with a few biting twice in the same day. It was a great lesson in patience for the kids as once one was caught, it could take a few minutes for the schools to regroup and come by again. The salamanders and their tadpoles swimming about the pond kept us entertained as well as some wood frogs basking in the sun in anticipation of enough warmth for mating.

It is a real joy putting a child on his or her first fish and I was a truly proud uncle sharing those moments with my niece and nephew. I do hope there are many more fishing experiences to be shared with those kids in the future. And yes if you were wondering, that is a goldfish tail sticking out of the mouth of a glutenous larger specimen. Fun was had by all and I hope to move on to bigger and better species with those kids in the coming years.

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