Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Bees in the Shack

One of my favorite winter destinations in Manitoba is the Whiteshell Provincial Park in our eastern region. With a plethora of lakes to fish and species to target, one could never get bored. We found ourselves out that way braving the cold recently in search of tulibee and were rewarded with a day of stellar action and trophy class fish.

The sky was dark and littered with stars and the roads were bare and empty. It was 3:30 in the morning and we were on our way northeast for a day of fishing. Along the way we were treated to a beautiful moon rise as well as some faint northern lights and although the wake up was early, it already seemed worth it. After a cold start with the snowmobiles, we were on our way to our predetermined spot and were the first anglers out on the lake.

The first hour of daylight provided us with steady action. The small offerings tied to our lines were not easily refused at first and the fights that followed on the ultra lite rod and 4 lbs test line were treasured. The biggest bee to the ice came out at 19 inches and the smallest was around 15. A few were retained for meals and the smoker but many more were released to fight another day. While the weather wasn't ideal for running and gunning and seeking out other species, we had put ourselves in a productive area and did not need to change location all day. The bite slowed down over the lunch hour and into the afternoon but we were still lucky enough to mark plenty of fish and entice a few of them to bite.