Sunday, 20 May 2018

Opening Day 2018

The day couldn't come soon enough and although our initial plans got a little skewed, we made the best of it. Arriving at the waters edge for daybreak it was one degree below zero. The birds were already awake and active with red-winged blackbirds calling and swooping amongst the dead pencil grass. We weren't the first anglers to reach the shore and luckily for us, there was some space upriver from the small crowd. It's been one of the driest springs on record in Manitoba and because of that, an area of marshy shoreline along the river had somehow caught fire in the weeks past opening up a bit more shore space.

The action was fairly steady for most of the morning with a 28.5-inch freshwater drum being the biggest fish landed. Dozens of drum, a catfish, and a carp or two were caught while bait of all kinds, as well as soft plastics, were getting bites. The action was steady, however by lunch time we had a few boats surrounding us and with the added lures and bait in the vicinity we decided to move on scouting other shore spots and the big lake if needed.

With partial ice cover still on the main lake and all available shore spots on the river taken we decided to push to the Assiniboine River. Water levels there were lower than normal and we were able to find a nice back eddy with a noticeable current edge. We were rewarded with good action as well as some needed shade. Juvenile catfish, stonecats, walleye, and goldeye were caught there, with a couple of heavy fish lost.