Sunday, 14 October 2018

Nova Scotia 2018 Part 1

It was half past midnight, not a cloud in the sky and the moon was full with its reflection dancing across the lakes of Northwest Ontario below us. My wife and I were on our way to Nova Scotia, a province I am slowly becoming more familiar with and having increasingly good luck fishing in. The flight took a little over three hours and as we began our decent towards the airport outside of Halifax the cloud cover and low lying fog was thick. This made for an interesting landing with the runway visible to us at the last second. Modern technology sure is something!

Our first leg of the trip would be spent near Five Islands with family and after meeting up with my sister and grabbing our rental car we were on our way. A quick pit stop for some supplies included but not limited to Covered Bridge potato chips, caffeinated beverages, alcohol and pepperoni took place in Truro before heading onward towards highway 2. With the Minas basin to our left, the smell of salt in the air and the mountains to our right, it was good to be back in this part of Canada.

I've fished for striped bass in the Minas Basin a few times now, strictly from shore with a bit of success, reward and heartbreak. An acquaintance of my brother in law has started a sight seeing/fishing guide business, showcasing the Five Islands region and I jumped on the opportunity to hire him for a day on the water. Conditions were not ideal with some stronger than anticipated winds but we made the best of it and before sea sickness kicked my wife's butt we were able to bring a few fish up from the depths.

The highlight was my new personal best striped bass topping out at 3 feet in length. Between the current and the strength of the fish, the fight was straight up remarkable. Even with a heavy action saltwater rod and line this fish gave me a run for my money. My first "legal" keeper in those waters shook the hook almost a year ago to the date but this one never even had the chance.
Before the weather and my wife's sea sickness could worsen we were back at shore after an extremely bumpy ride. That night I cooked up some of the fish with butter, salt and pepper, and finished it with a splash of dry white wine and I can honestly say it was one of the best tasting fish I have ever eaten. Between the fight they provide and quality of flesh when a legal keeper is retained, I can see why so many anglers spend there time after these fish!